Jacqueline's Creative Studio & Sewing Shoppe -  ~~~Paintings & Drawings~~~
About Jacqueline,

Jacqueline is an Hobbyist, an Artist, she enjoys Sewing, Alterations, repairing Manuel Sewing Machines, Drawing, Painting, Gardening, making crafts, etc...

      Jacqueline's Creative Studio & Sewing Shoppe
              3660 Will Street; Iron Station, NC 28080


Open at 10am by Appointment only!

***Because I go to customer homes
to teach, repair, & Clean Sewing machines.

"This is Jacqueline Serves".

Make all kinds of Adult & Children Clothes, Sale all kinds of Fabric, Make Crafts, Jewelry, Sketch, Draw, Paint, etc...

Big Sale
All Sewing Machines are only $100.00 each.

Most of my Fabric is $1.00 per yard or 1\2 off!

All Tie Dye is 50% off.

Go on Etsy to view her Boutique
Jacqueline's Boutique
She is selling Handmade rugs, Doll Clothes,
Fabrics, etc...


Jacqueline's Creative Studio & Sewing Shoppe 
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Sewing Hours:

Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm 
Saturday ?
Sunday Closed

 ***Call or Text for Appointment Only!

She does have refurbished and New Sewing Machines For Sale

Jacqueline repairs on Sewing Machine's.
*Clean, oil, and repair your sewing machine
for $35.00 + they maybe adds on for parts{always call first before adding anything new.


Face Painting Classes
Learn how to Face paint like a pro!
Call Jacqueline at 704-830-8136 
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